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Isla Mujeres 2016 vs 1994

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Well, it took 22 years, but I made it back to my favorite island… Isla Mujeres. Located north of Cancun Mexico. About 60 miles south of Cuba.

My bedroom was till there. The building was a house with rooms to rent in 1994, but now it is an upscale hotel (Villa Kin). Surprisingly, the floor tiles and the posts where the exact same. The roof was thatched… each night iguanas would walk along them and we hoped they never fell on our beds. Two decades later there is still no AC.


The property was and is located RIGHT on the beach across from MIA Hotel. We would walk out each day with fins and snorkel in hand and swim the bay.


This time, I was able to travel with my wife. It was SUCH a great blessing to spend the time with Mandy and share memories and make new one.



We chose to stay at a marina in the bay… El Milagro. It was a great decision. We believe we have found home base for future trips.



South End of the island

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Gabe 2015 Football Highlights

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Thanks to, I was able to borrow the video of most of Gabe’s 2015 Superbowl Season games.


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Turner’s Halloween

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Halloween on Preston Glen has always been one of the highlights of the year for the Turner family. We love the first cool winds to blow out of the north and the turning of the leaves. Hay bales and pumpkins line the back roads and streets.

Mandy and I love that we live on an active street with literally hundreds of trick or treaters dropping by.

What started as a few parents dropping by with a lawn chair to sit tight while their kids explored our cul-de-sac street turned into a full-blown street party with our church, Grace Bible fellowship, helping us supply water, cooked hotdogs, candy, and chips to around 500 kids and weary parents each Halloween night.

Mandy loves dressing up and ensures the family is themed. 🙂







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Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting… Outdoors.

A few great things about Texas are the diversity of the land and the weather. A few hours drive in any direction will change the trees, soils, elevation, and even the weather.

We have 4 seasons (although we kid about only have 2 weeks of Spring and Fall).

jeep wrangler

2010 Jeep Wrangler

Mountain Biking Grayson County

Mountain Biking Grayson County

Runnels County

Camping in Runnels County

ATv Runnels County

ATV riding with Gabe

Buck Creek 2015

Addie on the ATV


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Beware the Fine Print

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Eutromin has a low occurrence of side effects including dry mouth, metallic taste, and ringing in the ears. A small number of patients experienced the following common side effects:

Watery eyes, loose stools, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headaches, nausea, vomiting, nose bleeds, indigestion, esophageal spasms, constipation, inability to urinate, loss of sensation in the extremities, severe sexual side effects, loss of some motor control, impaired speech, drooling, demonic possession, hair loss, tooth loss, unattractive body hair, acne on soles of feet, frequent urination, frequent uncontrollable sneezing, sudden loss of bladder control, seizures, tingling sensation in eyelids, scales on back of neck, loud flatulence, irreversible brain damage, double vision, rectal inflammation, strong body odor, more vomiting, momentary loss of sight, complete deafness, depression, mania, obsessive compulsive behavior, insomnia, sleep apnea, tremors, high anxiety, kleptomania, loss of eternal soul, inability to grasp elementary physics, multiple personality disorder, delusions of grandeur, violent fits of rage, and drowsiness.
Male users also notice the following effects:

Rectal bleeding, Rectal seepage, Rectal spasms, Rectal cramps, Rectal blisters, Rectal sores, Rectal hemorrhaging, minor Rectal leprosy, and overall sever Rectal discomfort.

Users over the age of twelve also notice the following effects:

Mongoloidism, Loss of Salvation, and boils.

Warning: Not to be taken with food or water. Avoid sunlight and high contents of air for 48 hours after intake. See your doctor immediately if you notice any bodily noises, such as ear drainage, sinus cavity collapse, lung collapse, progressive gain green on or near the face, rapid cavity development (usually with in the first 3 hours) or knee cap failure.

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Little Known Truths

One would think it would be genetic or at least something we picked up in the playgrounds or in elementary bathroom talk but apparently there needs to be constant reminders telling our generation how to do things. These are not racial things, these are not generational things, these are not how things should be done in the South, these are not Americanisms, these are worldwide, since-the-beginning-of-time, truths that need to be identified by all mankind.

1) Real Men Don’t Line Dance
2) Cars & trucks not one of the colors found on a mallard duck are for girls
3) Everyone over the age of 12 should shoot a gun (at least once)
4) Soap operas should only be aired during the day
5) The 3-piece suit is for dead people and fancy car salesmen
6) Never set combination locks to 1-2-3-4
7) You’re not obligated to attend 2, 3, or 4th weddings (or buy gifts)
8) If your best friend calls after midnight, you have to answer
9) Other than that, you don’t have to answer the phone every time it rings
10) If you can’t identify the dumbest guy in the room, its you
11) There are 2 acceptable places for glasses on your body
12) Unless blind, sunglasses are for outdoor use only
13) Medical scrubs are for Halloween and hospitals
14) If you ever start a sentence with “I shouldn’t be saying this” then stop talking
15) Never sit on the front or last row of church
16) There are only two things open after 1am. Neither are good for your teenagers
17) Baseball hats should only have 2-4 words printed on them
18) Don’t name your kid after an exotic dancer or a season
(Autumn, Candy, Spring, Fantasia)
19) Cowbells & spray paint only are good for their original purpose
20) God has a sense of humor (see Aardvarks, Oklahoma, Dennis Rodman, TV evangelists)
21) Every pickup line has been heard by the person your telling it to
22) $1,000 rims and tires on a Hyundai, still makes your car a Hyundai
23) Most “good ole boys” aren’t really good old boys
24) There are only two good things that ever came out of Arizona and one was just driving through
25) Beware of commercials ended by an auctioneer

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Real Men Don’t Line Dance

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You can bet I about fell off my stool the first time I saw a guy out on the dance floor during “Acky Breaky Heart.” At first I assumed it was an employee cleaning up some wet saw dust or maybe one of the ladies had slipped and a nice cowboy was offering his hand. But “no,” it was not that easy to brush off. It was a guy, twisting, turning, kicking, and strutting on the same floor as women.

Line dancing, men, don't do it
Real men don’t line dance!

I wasn’t in Texas anymore. I was in LA. Were they filming a movie? I didn’t see any cameras, but I did see some out-of-work actors. Surely, even in this liberal, blue-state, guys did not think it was OK to dance during girl songs? But then low and behold, the song changed, girls left the dance floor, and more guys showed up for an .. uh-um.. “Guy’s Only Dance.” I briefly walked out the front door and looked up at the sign. It said “Cowboy Bar.” I did not know what to do. Should I watch the train wreck or use the time to talk to the girls while the competition was twisting and spinning under the mirrored ball? Unfortunately, I watched.

I’ll let the sleeveless shirts go without much comment. My cousins sometimes wear those. Normally it is to reach an awkward positioned alternator but I guess night club attire is acceptable. I’ll even let the choreographed moves fly under the radar. But I can not go to my grave and not mention the one-arm push ups and winks towards the crowd. Had they no shame?

I guess us Texans are responsible. We started a fad but did not spell out the rules and fully explain the origin of the movement before we let the other 49 start on it. Well better late than never. Here is how the story goes…

One evening at “L.D.s Tavern and Transmission Shop” some of the locals ran into a problem. With the new neon lights L.D. invested in, the normal florescent lights had to be turned off. No sense spending money on “King of Beers,” “Michelob,” and a colored palm tree, if no one could enjoy their beauty. This made the place lit only by the red-glass candles on the booths, the under bar light, the 4 or 5 neon signs, and the glows of cigarettes. Not a problem if you like to drink in the dark. But a huge problem if you are there to dance or meet people. How do know if the girl you are conversing with looks like Hillary Swank or Hillary Clinton? One must have some sort of light source to see if the deep voice is exotic or coming from behind a mustache.

After some debating and a few minor fist-a-cuffs, a decision was made by management. The dance floor was to be utilized to identify the keepers from the throw-backs. It took almost 3 weeks of preparations to get the details down and the grand prize ready. At the end of Saturday night (about 1 hour from last call), all women were invited to the dance floor where hundreds of balloons were floating along the floor. A few of them had been stuffed with discounts for hair perms, a few with movie tickets, and a grand prize weekend trip to the Hallsville Raceway. The stage was set, literally. The lights were turned up so the women could see, the music was turned up, and the guys took notice. The next 15 minutes was dance floor history. There was stomping, kicking, swinging, and even some sliding. In an effort to get a good look at the female patrons, both the women and men had a great time. A tradition was born. Each week around midnight (eleven in dry counties), the music changed, the dance floor lights were turned up, and the men surrounded the center of the bar to watch the women dance and break balloons. Good clean fun was had by all.

After a few months there became less and less balloons, but by then no one cared. The women enjoyed dancing, the men enjoyed watching, and Line Dancing became an LD bar room standard. It wasn’t long until area saloons picked up the tradition and before a few years most all of Texas dance halls wrapped up their weekend nights with a women’s only dance.

Here we are 25 years down the road and I just got back from a trip to Nashville. These are the guys that helped us in the Alamo. The current caretakers of our Houston Oilers. True dear friends of Texas. But I am sad to report… Male Line Dancers live here too. Right out in the open. The bouncers at the door did nothing. The DJ kept the music playing. The bartenders kept pouring drinks. Everyone acted like nothing was wrong. It was like a pink shirt was being worn at a NASCAR event. Like Richard Simmons entering a tough man competition. Like a house-cleaning product commercial airing during a hunting show. It just wasn’t right. I guess we can only claim Colorado and Alaska as good neighbors now. Certainly one can’t line dance to John Denver songs.

Coming soon. Why we put the “mechanical bull” in bars. It’s not what you may think.

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Badger Taken in Runnels County

Hunting in West Texas during the rut and got a badger. Only saw him for a few seconds before I had to commit.

Wouldn’t want my hand in that mouth.

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West Texas Deer Hunting

I have hunted deer in many different places, situations, and weather conditions, but this year I have had a unique opportunity at a new lease in North Central Texas. Situated along the Colorado River is a rectangle 600 acre piece of rugged property full of mesquite trees and cactus, no deer stands, one tripod feeder, no cattle, and lots deer trails.

Littered around the county are high box stands overlooking fields of rye or deer feeders for 150 to 200 yards shots. Some Texas stands reach 40 feet high into the sky to get a panoramic view of the rugged, rolling landscape and to increase chances for spotting movement and antlers reflecting the bright orange sun. While East Texas hunters frequently use 30-30s and slug shot guns, West Texan outings require 30-06 and .270 for the long shot.

Having hunted in Runnels county for over 15 years, I carried my trusted .270 on the first trip the this new piece of property the day before opening rifle season. My dad had scouted the property and had some suggestions about hot hunting areas, but I had only used Google maps to look over the property.

With no stands and a property that had not been hunted, we really did not have anything to go on except looking for some signs and trusting the tracks that appeared underneath the one and only feeder.

Since this property did not have cattle, the grasses beneath the trees were high and showed obvious signs of wildlife trails. I did not believe all the feeder trails could all be from deer. I counted over 12 unique paths that led to the one and only clearing around the tripod. With only a few hours of daylight left, I made the decision to put a camo pop-up tent about 45 yards downwind from the feeder and hope a deer came through one of 2-3 openings I had for a clear shot.

Morning came and the walk through the dark, unfamiliar woods brought the same excitement that opening day usually give me, but I had no idea how the morning would go. After quietly entering the zippered opening, I laid my camo bag out with my grunt call, flashlight, PDA, and extra gloves and hat and then leaned my rifle against the fabric wall and watched the 4-5 racoons eyes work their way around the feeder until first light.

Thats when it all started.

I heard a distinct “huff” and legs stomping to my right. I knew I was being watched but did not even turn my head to look. Then another “huff” behind me. More and more movement and noises surrounded me but I could not get a clear view of any of the deer. Too many branches, not enough light, and many nervous deer. I was not sure of my next move.

Over and over, deer would enter the area to get one look at the pop-up blind and raise their tail and run or “huff” for a minute or two then walk away and not eat their morning treat. I saw atleast 20 deer (most bucks) that morning and not one even made it near the tripod or within range of a clean shot.

It is bitter-sweet to say that I got quite a few of the bucks on video and saw an awesome mature 8-pointer that I would have loved to put on my wall. But I never pulled the trigger or even scoped a deer.

I went back to the truck frustrated but excited at the potential. After some wise advice from an experienced hunter. I decided to ditch the tent, slightly change location, and put on camo and scent protection from head to toe. It was time to ground hunt under a tree in West Texas.

The first frost had not hit the area and I was told by the landowner that the property has crawling with rattlesnakes. So I was a little nervous about sitting on the ground in high grass and cactus. Brought a .380 pistol and had a bullet in the chamber for quick draw and firing.

At 3:30 I hit the ground, got comfortable and pretended to be a fat tree or bush for 3 hours. My first deer of the afternoon gave me hope. She got close, huffed, stomped, stared, but did not run away. She did not feed but she stayed near me.

After spotting deer about 60-80 yards behind the feeder in the brush, I started to believe my oppertunity would come. Then the loud “hoof’s” came directly behind me. This was a problem. I was getting deer traffic to my rear and would not be able to raise my rifle to shoot without spooking deer. It took me about 2-3 minutes to slowly turn my head and seeing what was happening. I had three doe. One was a zealot and was working on convincing the other two “something is not right.” They would not leave, they would not walk further, they just wanted make noise and give up my position. I decided to fill the fridge with a doe and eliminate my problem.

But, I could only turn to my left and I shoot left handed. I would never be able to get my gun into position without much noise and movement.

What to do? With my eyes looking behind me, I waited until the “problem” deer was looking down, then in a split second I took the rifle off safety while swinging it into firing position. I scoped the closest deer’s neck with my gun tilted sideways and squeezed the trigger in a matter of a few seconds. She dropped, the other two ran into a different county, and my chest and head began to swell. A great shot and a good campfire story.

It was only 20 minutes before the deer came out again. This time I learned my lesson. My rifle was already in firing position and I scoped the movement instead of looking with the naked eye.

Then it happened. A big body silhouette entered closer than any other deer… directly in front of me. Too many trees to count the antlers but I knew it was a shooter. He paced back and forth for about twenty minutes. Smart enough to not get closer but not smart enough to run away. Finally he decided to go downwind of the feeder and walk way to my right. I saw a small opening in the trees about 20 yards in front of the deer and moved my scope to the “only” shot possible and took the rifle off safety. I waited and hoped. What were my chances? Then it happened. The 10 point rack came into the opening, I counted and decided to harvest. Just seconds later a head and a neck. No time to spare. I aimed at the neck (no shoulder could be seen) and pulled the trigger. He dropped and I closed out my two best shots within hours of each other.

In full camo and with my heart racing, I reached for my deer tags and already started thinking about the morning hunt.

Eight Pointer

Eight Pointer
Turner 1 shot

A great shot from the ground

A great shot from the ground
Dropped a ten pointer

Took a while for the shot

Took a while for the shot
We stared at each other

Doe Kill

Doe Kill
Two in 45 minutes

Weird Deer

Weird Deer
Velvet and Screwy

Rio Grand Turkey

Rio Grand Turkey
Practice Shot

North Texas Pond

North Texas Pond
Fish and Hunt


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