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Badger Taken in Runnels County

Hunting in West Texas during the rut and got a badger. Only saw him for a few seconds before I had to commit.

Wouldn’t want my hand in that mouth.

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West Texas Deer Hunting

I have hunted deer in many different places, situations, and weather conditions, but this year I have had a unique opportunity at a new lease in North Central Texas. Situated along the Colorado River is a rectangle 600 acre piece of rugged property full of mesquite trees and cactus, no deer stands, one tripod feeder, no cattle, and lots deer trails.

Littered around the county are high box stands overlooking fields of rye or deer feeders for 150 to 200 yards shots. Some Texas stands reach 40 feet high into the sky to get a panoramic view of the rugged, rolling landscape and to increase chances for spotting movement and antlers reflecting the bright orange sun. While East Texas hunters frequently use 30-30s and slug shot guns, West Texan outings require 30-06 and .270 for the long shot.

Having hunted in Runnels county for over 15 years, I carried my trusted .270 on the first trip the this new piece of property the day before opening rifle season. My dad had scouted the property and had some suggestions about hot hunting areas, but I had only used Google maps to look over the property.

With no stands and a property that had not been hunted, we really did not have anything to go on except looking for some signs and trusting the tracks that appeared underneath the one and only feeder.

Since this property did not have cattle, the grasses beneath the trees were high and showed obvious signs of wildlife trails. I did not believe all the feeder trails could all be from deer. I counted over 12 unique paths that led to the one and only clearing around the tripod. With only a few hours of daylight left, I made the decision to put a camo pop-up tent about 45 yards downwind from the feeder and hope a deer came through one of 2-3 openings I had for a clear shot.

Morning came and the walk through the dark, unfamiliar woods brought the same excitement that opening day usually give me, but I had no idea how the morning would go. After quietly entering the zippered opening, I laid my camo bag out with my grunt call, flashlight, PDA, and extra gloves and hat and then leaned my rifle against the fabric wall and watched the 4-5 racoons eyes work their way around the feeder until first light.

Thats when it all started.

I heard a distinct “huff” and legs stomping to my right. I knew I was being watched but did not even turn my head to look. Then another “huff” behind me. More and more movement and noises surrounded me but I could not get a clear view of any of the deer. Too many branches, not enough light, and many nervous deer. I was not sure of my next move.

Over and over, deer would enter the area to get one look at the pop-up blind and raise their tail and run or “huff” for a minute or two then walk away and not eat their morning treat. I saw atleast 20 deer (most bucks) that morning and not one even made it near the tripod or within range of a clean shot.

It is bitter-sweet to say that I got quite a few of the bucks on video and saw an awesome mature 8-pointer that I would have loved to put on my wall. But I never pulled the trigger or even scoped a deer.

I went back to the truck frustrated but excited at the potential. After some wise advice from an experienced hunter. I decided to ditch the tent, slightly change location, and put on camo and scent protection from head to toe. It was time to ground hunt under a tree in West Texas.

The first frost had not hit the area and I was told by the landowner that the property has crawling with rattlesnakes. So I was a little nervous about sitting on the ground in high grass and cactus. Brought a .380 pistol and had a bullet in the chamber for quick draw and firing.

At 3:30 I hit the ground, got comfortable and pretended to be a fat tree or bush for 3 hours. My first deer of the afternoon gave me hope. She got close, huffed, stomped, stared, but did not run away. She did not feed but she stayed near me.

After spotting deer about 60-80 yards behind the feeder in the brush, I started to believe my oppertunity would come. Then the loud “hoof’s” came directly behind me. This was a problem. I was getting deer traffic to my rear and would not be able to raise my rifle to shoot without spooking deer. It took me about 2-3 minutes to slowly turn my head and seeing what was happening. I had three doe. One was a zealot and was working on convincing the other two “something is not right.” They would not leave, they would not walk further, they just wanted make noise and give up my position. I decided to fill the fridge with a doe and eliminate my problem.

But, I could only turn to my left and I shoot left handed. I would never be able to get my gun into position without much noise and movement.

What to do? With my eyes looking behind me, I waited until the “problem” deer was looking down, then in a split second I took the rifle off safety while swinging it into firing position. I scoped the closest deer’s neck with my gun tilted sideways and squeezed the trigger in a matter of a few seconds. She dropped, the other two ran into a different county, and my chest and head began to swell. A great shot and a good campfire story.

It was only 20 minutes before the deer came out again. This time I learned my lesson. My rifle was already in firing position and I scoped the movement instead of looking with the naked eye.

Then it happened. A big body silhouette entered closer than any other deer… directly in front of me. Too many trees to count the antlers but I knew it was a shooter. He paced back and forth for about twenty minutes. Smart enough to not get closer but not smart enough to run away. Finally he decided to go downwind of the feeder and walk way to my right. I saw a small opening in the trees about 20 yards in front of the deer and moved my scope to the “only” shot possible and took the rifle off safety. I waited and hoped. What were my chances? Then it happened. The 10 point rack came into the opening, I counted and decided to harvest. Just seconds later a head and a neck. No time to spare. I aimed at the neck (no shoulder could be seen) and pulled the trigger. He dropped and I closed out my two best shots within hours of each other.

In full camo and with my heart racing, I reached for my deer tags and already started thinking about the morning hunt.

Eight Pointer

Eight Pointer
Turner 1 shot

A great shot from the ground

A great shot from the ground
Dropped a ten pointer

Took a while for the shot

Took a while for the shot
We stared at each other

Doe Kill

Doe Kill
Two in 45 minutes

Weird Deer

Weird Deer
Velvet and Screwy

Rio Grand Turkey

Rio Grand Turkey
Practice Shot

North Texas Pond

North Texas Pond
Fish and Hunt


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Todd Turner Resume

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To obtain employment or partnership with an organization looking to grow their online and offline presence through more effective website and marketing strategies. Will consider full-time employment with a growing North Texas-based company that offers opportunity for expansion of responsibility and growth within the organization.

I consider myself a skilled and dedicated professional with twenty five+ years of computer work and business operations history. My experience spans a wide range of skill sets, and I have had a variety of roles in the development and maintenance of business systems, procedures, intranets, extranets, web-based applications, websites, and apps. I have serviced Dallas, Texas businesses and organizations as a consultant for 7 of the last 20 years.  I have spent over 10 years overseeing an International Ministries Communications Department (Web, Marketing, and Publishing). My flexible skill-sets allow me to develop or support systems on a variety of platforms. I am a strong team player and I am committed to the success of my clients through projects which deliver top-line growth and increased operating efficiencies.

I am a TEAM player in every sense of the word. I thrive of collaboration and working together to do great things.

Bottom line – I am a problem solver who flies high, flies low, and implements friendly, collaborative, and successful solutions.

Skill Set Overview:

With a wide skill set that ranges from technical skills to developing high level marketing strategies, I find myself wearing many hats within an organization. I am a team player in every way. In my last six positions I reported directly to the CEO or President of the company.

I have traveled internationally and can work with various people groups, cultures, and mind-sets to find common-ground solutions.


I spend a great deal of my free time with my family: Sporting events, hunting, fishing, camping, BBQing, and playing in the yard. Any spare time after that goes to reading books on Theology & Native American history.

Work History:

Consultant / Owner (2017-Present)

Creative Digital Guide
Gunter, TX

Primarily consult non-profits looking to gather new names, increase donations, expand ministry, retain donors, or message through their digital channels.

Executive Vice President and Chief Web Officer (2011-2017)
Vice President of Marketing and Web (2008 – 2011)
Director of Web Ministries (2006-2008)

Insight for Living
Plano, TX

Manage an in-house (Team of 17) and out-sourced vendors to ensure the delivery of organizational content through many channels in various languages through international offices.

Main responsibilities include revamp, enhancements, and creation of websites, web stores, and web related apps. Creating technology solutions that span out into our Australian, UK, Canadian, and Brazilian offices. Tying in 2.0 web solutions with current backend databases, content systems, and business applications.

Oversee production of publishing, direct mail, collateral, logo creation, books, CDs, videos, marketing pieces for a large 38+ year database.

IFL Leadership Team with Chuck Swindoll

Owner and Developer

Feb 2004 – August 2006

web river internet
Gunter, TX

Manage an in-house and out-sourced Web Development and Internet Marketing Firm

Main responsibilities include Sales and Technical Solutions. Web River offers internet consulting, website design, and programming services.

Services offered include development, hosting, and marketing. Clients include: Mortgage Companies, Marketing Firms, Ranches, Online Businesses, Retail Businesses, Photographers, Comedians, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Auto Dealerships, Accountants, and Consultants. View Work Portfolio.

V.P. of Business Development

Sept 2004 – August 2006

Gunter, TX

Work directly with the president of FWG on online and traditional forms of marketing. We perform a weekly mass-email marketing campaign, online discussion groups, strong internet research, and many tactics which have grown FWG’s brand awareness dramatically.

Webmaster & Marketing Strategist

May 2001 – Present chevy suburban and tahoes
Gunter, TX

Own and Operate, a Chevrolet Enthusiasts website. Involved in all aspects of development (ASP & SQL), marketing (Affiliate Programs, Search Engines, & Pay-for-listings), Content Development, and technical support for dealer and site users.

This is a part time hobby and revenue stream.

Webmaster & Marketing Strategist

May 2005 – Present
Gunter, TX

Own and Operate, a online hunting and gamecalls website. Involved in all aspects of development, marketing, content development, and vendor relationships.

This is another part time hobby and revenue stream.

Webmaster & Marketing Strategist

March 2006 – Present
Gunter, TX

Own and Operate, a online vacation cabins website. Development, marketing, content development, and owner relationships. Saw a need and filled it with a portal website for cabin visitors and renters.

This is another part time hobby and revenue stream.


May 2002 – Present
Gunter, TX

Own and Operate with my wife. This site promotes nutrisystem’s weightloss program and we are involved in all aspects of development, marketing, content development, and vendor relationships.

V.P. of Marketing and Sales

April 2005 – January 2006

Plastex International Inc.
Grand Prairie, TX

Managed accounts for plastic sales and marketing efforts for North Texas plastic recycler focusing on customer retention, new accounts, and market trends.

Created online SQL database to manage customer data, leads, inventory, and customer notes

Created proccesses for new regrind division including workflow management, inventory purchases, asset management, labor analysis, and auditing. Identifed problems and conducted corrective actions, made decisions involving resource dedication to improve material flow, worked with lab & production manager to improve manufacturing specs and process.

Liquidation of business including asset sells, labor resizing, property downsizing, and meeting timeline and accouinting issues.

Operations Manager

April 2005 – January 2006

TB Land and TLM Development
Gunter, TX

Property management, contract editing and analysis, assisting on real estate spreadhsheets and closings. Calling on property for sale and answering calls on current properties offered. Utilized online software for locating property information and researching ownership, tax information, and market analysis.

Internet & Software (I.T.) Manager

August 2002 – Feb 2004

tucker electronics
1717 Reserve St.
Garland, TX 75042
United States

Managed an out-sourced IT contractor (staff of 2) and a staff of 4 (webmaster, tech writer, Developer, and Auction Admin)

Main responsibilities included providing guidance & technical solutions to employee base of 80 by creating web and application systems, in addition to monitoring/analyzing behavior of production Web and Application Systems and associated network, application and database dependencies.

Maintained all job responsibilities of “Website and Internet Manager”

  • Managed three-site Internet Department
  • Managed Outsourced Network And Helpdesk Administrators
  • Administer, monitor, and customize on-line auction
  • Guidance & technical solutions to employee base of 80
  • Web Advertising Campaigns via e-mail and direct marketing
  • Upgraded Order management/fulfillment enterprise system – Advantage by Synaro
  • TouchStar – Telemarketing Software
  • Exchange 2000, Active Directory, NT, 2000, XP Desktop environment, Server 2000
  • Developed work queue (TrackIT) for implementing Helpdesk Quality Assurance
Website & Internet Manager


tucker electronics
6,000 page catalog site featuring New and Reconditioned Test Equipment
Online Auction site powered by Coldfusion and SQL
Garland, TX

Revamped standard old asp website into Java server hosted, JSP dynamic sites. Currently manage a team of three web developers to use SQL databases to drive content for Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites. Password protected logins, dynamic org charts, search engines, and customizable downloads are just a few features of our sites.

  • Managed Team of two Developers
  • Built new Intranet – SQL driven
  • Created information architecture, such as content analysis, server log analysis, and usability testing
Website and Intranet Project Manager

March 2001 – August 2002

gnubi communications
Dallas, TX

Revamped standard html static websites into NT server hosted, ASP dynamic sites. Currently manage a team of three web developers to use SQL databases to drive content for Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites. Password protected logins, dynamic org charts, search engines, and customizable downloads are just a few features of our sites.

  • Managed Team of three Developers
  • Revamped Static Site into SQL driven dynamic ASP solution
  • Designed and Developed Corporate Intranet and Customer Extranet
Internet Marketing Director

March 2000 – March 2001

Alliance Datacom
3302 W. Miller Road, Suite 500
Garland, Texas USA 75041

Revamped a standard html static website into a NT server hosted, ASP dynamic site with updated pricing and inventory. Managed on-line form distribution, monthly e-mail campaign, weekly specials, and auction interface with Teksell and ebay. Major focus of site is to drive traffic from on-line partnerships and search engine placement. We currently rank in the top 4 for all major industry keywords on all major search engines.
3,000 page catalog site featuring New and Reconditioned Wide Area Network products and data services
Online repair center for Networking and Data Communication Equipment.
50 pages used telephone equipment and systems.

Web Site Content Manager

August 1996 – March 2000

Tucker Electronics
Garland, TX
6,000 page catalog site featuring New and Reconditioned Test Equipment
Online Auction site powered by OpenSite Technologies software

Manage 3-person Internet Department and two web sites. Manage MS Access inventory, SQL registered member, and Flat File OpenSite auction member databases. Create customized content and personalized specials for 5,000 visitors a month. Administer, monitor, and customize on-line auction using Opensite software.

  • Web site content development.
  • Manage Daily Web Specials for two sites
  • Marketing through two mass e-mail campaigns
  • Code HTML, ASP, JavaScript, and Java
  • Monitor and maintain Web Services
  • Create Web Advertising Campaigns via e-mail and direct marketing

Inventory Control Specialist

Responsible for purchasing new Commercial and Retail inventory.

  • Assisted in company wide accounting and inventory software change.
  • Created and maintained inventory SKU in Advantage Plus
  • Maintained a daily sales, backorders, and purchasing Excel spreadsheet for Sales and Brokers

Buyer / Parts Room Manager

Responsible for purchasing new Commercial and Retail inventory.

  • Maintained a daily Excel spreadsheet for Sales and Brokers
  • Wrote copy for products on Web-site and quarterly catalog.
  • Regenerated HTML pages for Internet site.
  • Flowchart and rewrote company policies.
Purchasing/Warehouse Manager

August 1995- August 1996

Comtel Video Products
Burbank, Ca

Responsible for the inventory and employees of three warehouses (Burbank, Anaheim, and San Francisco) for an eleven million dollar a year company with extremely high inventory turn-over. Some of my duties included:

  • Ordering
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Inventory control
  • Employee supervision
  • Invoice discrepancies
  • Warehouse/Vehicle maintenance
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Customer service

Accomplishments at Comtel Video

  • Created and revised numerous policies to standardize procedures.
  • Implemented new warehouse merchandise return program.
  • Restructured and expanded the daily responsibilities for purchasing position.
  • Computerized the daily reorder process.
Career Accomplishments:
  • Voted employee of the month twice by my peers.
  • Promoted numerous times in a three year span at Tucker Electronics.
  • Continued education after work and on weekends.
  • Created multiple web sites for various commercial clients.
  • Consulted local companies with on-line marketing and e-mail campaigns.



1990 – 1994 Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, TX

BA Major: English Minor: Writing

1987-1989 Tyler Junior College Tyler, TX
Computer Skills:

  • HTML
  • Micromedia UltraDev & Dreamweaver
  • Adobe PhotoShop 6.0
  • Active Server Pages
  • Database Connectivity
  • SQL, ACCESS, Some Oracle
  • Microsoft Office (Strong Excel Skills)
  • Advantage + (ERP Software)
  • OpenSite Auction Software
  • Visual InterDev
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • FrontPage98
  • Some Java
  • Macintosh Environment
  • Learning Flash 5


Member Convio CAB Board

Member NRB (National Religious Broadcasters)

Board Member NRB 2011-Present

Elder Board – Grace Bible Fellowship

Todd Turner – Head Shot

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Past Clients of Web Development


office furniture liquidation




Car Dealership

Car Portal

Car Repair

Business Consultant

Accounting Firm



Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate


Hair Salon

City Website

City Chamber


Farm & Ranch

Farm & Ranch


Tree Nursery

Plastic Recycling

las vegas comedian
Las Vegas Comedian

corporate entertainer comedian
Corporate Comedian

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Texas Sayings & Colloquialisms

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Never ask a man if he’s from Texas.
If he is, he’ll tell you on his own.
If he ain’t, no need to embarrass him”

Here are some of my favorites:
There are a lot of nooses in his family tree
A drought usually ends with a flood.
Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered.
A worm is the only animal that can’t fall down.
You can’t get lard unless you boil the hog.
Don’t hang your wash on someone else’s line.
Don’t get all ate up about it.
Skin your own buffalo.
All hat and no cattle
Short arms and deep pockets
Too poor to paint, too proud to whitewash
He’s like a blister–he doesn’t show up till the work’s all done
He couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with a hole in the toe and the directions on the heel
They planted their crop before they built their fence.
This ain’t my first rodeo
He thinks the sun rises jest to hear him crow
He’ll break his arm to pat his self on the back
He shot more deer in that bar
We’ve howdied but we ain’t shook yet
Just because a chicken has wings doesn’t mean it can fly
You can put your boots in the oven, but that don’t make em biscuits
Don’t worry ’bout the mule son, just load the wagon
Don’t call him a cowboy, till you’ve seen him ride
If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there
It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep
Always drink upstream from the herd
Never miss a good chance to shut up
He’s about as handy as a back pocket on a shirt
It happened faster than a knife fight in a phone booth
He could tear up a railroad track with a rubber hammer
Like trying to scratch his ear with his elbow
Happy as a gopher in soft dirt
Don’t piss on my foot and call it rain
Don’t sell your mule to buy a plow
Don’t name a pig you plan to eat
Plow around the stump
Its easier to get the cat out of the bag, then back in it

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New Testament Overview

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MATTHEW- kingdom of God

From at least the 2nd century A.D., the Gospel of Matthew has been ascribed to Matthew the publican, tax collector, and disciple. It is the most complete account of Jesus’ teachings and was written to convince the writer’s Jewish audience that Jesus was the Messiah descended from David, the One promised by the Old Testament Prophets. It is peculiarly the Gospel for Israel. The most significant teaching passages are the Sermon on the Mount (5-7) and the parable sections (especially Chapter 13).

MARK – Suffering Servant

The Gospel of Mark, the shortest, is also held by most to be the first of the Gospels to be written. A tradition dating from the 2nd century ascribes this book to John Mark, a companion of Peter and also of Paul and Barnabas in their missionary endeavors. The preaching of Peter may well have been the source of most of Mark’s material. Mark accounts for the ministry of Jesus from His Baptism to His Ascension. Most commentaries agree that Mark’s purpose was neither biographical nor historical, but theological: to present Jesus as the Christ, the mighty worker rather than great teacher. Hence, Mark makes fewer references to the Parables and discourses, but meticulously records each of Jesus’ “mighty works” as evidence of His divine power. Mark contains 20 specific miracles and alludes to others. Bible scholars quite generally agree that Mark wrote his Gospel in Rome for the gentiles.

LUKE – the perfect man

There is almost universal agreement that Luke, the “beloved physician” (Col. 4:14) who accompanied Paul on his missionary travels, was the author of the third Gospel. Luke wrote to present Jesus as the Universal Savior, the compassionate healer and teacher. His careful historical approach is revealed in the preface, which states that the author has traced “all things from the very first”. Unlike Mark, this author includes an account of the Virgin Birth, and unlike Matthew he extensively describes the Perean Ministry (Chapters 9-18).

JOHN – Jesus is son of God

The Gospel of John endeavors to explain the mystery of the Person of Christ by the use of the term “logos” (word) and was written to confirm Christians in the belief that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God. Its purpose is evangelical and is so stated in 20:31. John not only records events as do the other Gospels but also uniquely interprets the events by giving them spiritual meaning. The author makes significant use of such words as light, water, life, love, and bread. Traditionally the author of this Gospel is considered to have been John, the Beloved Disciple.



Addressed to a certain Theophilus, about whom nothing is known (1:1), the Book of Acts records the early history of the Apostolic Church. Beginning with the Ascension of Jesus to heaven, it traces the growth of Christianity in Palestine and its spread to Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, and eventually to Rome. The leading figure in the first chapters is Peter, who delivered the stirring sermon on the day of Pentecost (2). The greater part of the book, however, is devoted to the experiences of Paul and his companions during their missionary endeavors. The Book of Acts provides a useful background for study of the Pauline Epistles. The introduction (1:1) attests to a Lukan authorship.


Pauline Epistles

ROMANS- the righteousness of God

This letter, the first in canonical order, but not the first of Paul’s Epistles, is the longest and the most influential of all the Apostle’s writings. Writing to Christians at Rome whom he hoped soon to visit, Paul presents to them his mature convictions concerning the Christian faith: the universality of sin; the impotence of the law as a means of salvation; the nature of God’s saving act in Christ, and its appropriation by faith. The letter closes with spiritual advice and some personal remarks.

I CORINTHIANS- Christian Conduct

This letter discusses doctrinal and ethical problems that were disturbing the Corinthian church, and presents a picture of the life of a particular local congregation in New Testament times. Writing from Ephesus, where he spent at lead three year, Paul addresses the Corinthian church concerning the significance of the new life in Christ, which should be demonstrated in the fellowship within the Church. He advises them regarding spiritual gifts (12), Christian love (13), and the meaning of the Resurrection (15).

II CORINTHIANS – Paul’s defense of apostleship

Often called “the hard letter”, this is an intensely personal letter. It recounts the difficulties and hardships Paul has endured in the service of Christ (10-13). The Apostle regards the Corinthians as his children in Christ.

GALATIANS – freedom in Christ

Paul’s letter addressed to the churches in Galatia is the great letter on Christian freedom; in it Paul attacks the Christians who wished to exalt the law. Galatians’ emphasis is similar to the theme of Paul’s letter to the Romans. The doctrinal section, as is typical of the Pauline format, is followed by an intensely practical section in Chapters five and six.

EPHESIANS – blessings in Christ

The Ephesian letter is one of Paul’s four “Imprisonment Letters” – Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon being the others. Although addressed to the church in Ephesus, this letter is generally believed to have been a circular discussing the believers’ exalted position through Christ, the Church as the body of Christ, her relationship to God, and practical implications of the Gospel.

PHILIPIANS – the joy filled life

In this letter, which is a message of joy, Paul expresses his gratitude for the Philippians’ love and material assistance. The Epistle is uniquely significant because of its presentation of the humility of Jesus. Its practicality is also observed in Paul’s advice to Euodia and Syntyche.

COLOSSIANS – the sufficiency of Christ

The Colossian letter is well known for its doctrine as well as for its brevity. In the letter, Paul insists upon the Lordship of Christ. Colossians has come under recent scrutiny because of its references, implied or actual, to incipient Gnosticism, a growing heresy in the Church.

I AND II THESSALONIANS – concern for the church

These letters constitute what is probably the earliest writing of the Apostle Paul. There were written in A.D. 51-52, soon after the founding of the Thessalonian church, and give Paul’s answer, to some basic problems disturbing the Christians of Thessalonica. The major contributions are eschatological, investigating especially the events preceding and accompanying the return of Christ. The concern of Paul for his followers is apparent throughout.

I AND II TIMOTHY – instructions and charge to ministry

Along with the letter to Titus, these writings are defined as “pastoral epistles”, which approach the material from the perspective of the minister, not of the Church. The letters to Timothy discuss such matters as the duties and qualifications of church officers, the inspirations of Scripture, the treatment of widows, and the expectation of a future reward.

TITUS – manual of conduct

This is a personal letter written by the Apostle Paul to a young minister whom he had left on Crete. Like the Timothy correspondence, the letter to Titus is practical and discusses the everyday problems confronted by a young minister. This letter is probably to be dated between the first and the second letters to Timothy.

PHILEMON – forgiveness

This shortest of all Paul’s letters was addressed to Philemon (although two other persons are included in the salutation). Paul entreats Philemon, the master of Onesimus, a runaway slave, to receive him back as a brother in Christ (16, 17). This very personal letter reveals not only the concern of the Apostle for a converted slave but also a practical demonstration of brotherhood in Christ, “where there is neither bond (slave) nor free”. (Gal 3:28)

HEBREWS – superiority of Christ

Although tradition ascribed Hebrews to Paul, it is now generally believed to have been written by someone other than the Apostle, but certainly someone who was acquainted with Paul’s teaching. The Epistle portrays Jesus, who performed the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world, as the great High Priest of the line of Melchizedek (Gen. 14). The Bible’s only definition of faith occurs in this Epistle (Chap. 11) and is followed by the “great line of splendor” of the men of faith.

General Epistles

JAMES- genuine faith

The author of this letter introduces himself as “James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ”. Four men in the New Testament bore this name but the writer of this Epistle is usually identified with James who was the leader of the church in Jerusalem. The letter is addressed to the “the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad”, and is the most Jewish in style and form of any of the New Testament books. It is not a treatise on Christian theology but rather a practical letter dealing with Christian ethics. James insists that works, not words, are the mark of a disciple.

I PETER – respond to suffering

The author describes himself as “Peter an apostle of Jesus Christ”, and there is no overriding reason to doubt the truth of his claim, although the beautiful Greek style employed has led some scholars to believe that the actual writing may have been done by an associate (probably a secretary). The contents breathe the spirit of Peter. His speeches recorded in Acts indicate a similar attitude toward persecution and suffering. The letter here reflects a time of suffering and trial. No doubt the widespread persecution of the Christians by the Roman authorities was the occasion of the “fiery trial” (4:12). The writer admonishes his readers to a life of purity, of godly living, and exhorts them to steadfastness and faithfulness.

II PETER – warning againstl false teachers

This letter was a “reminder” to the readers of the truth of the Gospel, which they had received as against the attacks of false teachers who would pervert it. The author urges his hearers to remain steadfast even amidst persecution and reminds them that the Lord will keep His promises. He speaks of the “day of the Lord” (parousia) and of the necessity of keeping themselves “without spot and blameless” (3:14)

THE EPISTLES OF JOHN – fellowship, discernment, hospitality

Three Johannine Epistles – I, II and III John – are included in the New Testament collection. These Epistles should probably be dated A.D. 90-95. John, the author of the Fourth Gospel, addresses the first one to an unidentified group. I John 5:13 indicates that the author writes in order that this group might know the certainty of eternal life. II John is addressed to an elect lady, either a church or perhaps a woman. III John is addressed to Gaius, a man commended for his hospitality.

JUDE – contending for the faith

The author of this short letter warns his readers against the dangers of apostasy, and points to the faithlessness of the Israelites as a reminder of God’s judgment. Surrounded as his readers were by moral corruption and apostacizing influences, the author urges them to “contend for the faith” (3), and in a closing benediction he commends them to the One “who is able to keep you from falling” (24). Both the similarity of this letter to II Peter and Jude’s use of non-Biblical sources (9,14,15) have been the subject of much discussion.



This last book of the Bible identifies itself as “the revelation of Jesus Christ”, and its author is designated “his servant John” who was exiled to the Greek island of Patmos because of his faith. Traditionally, John is identified with the author of the Fourth Gospel. Addressed to seven historical churches in Asia Minor, the Book of Revelation was written to warn against spiritual indifference and to elicit courage under persecution. Because of the extensive use of symbolism and picturesque imagery, its interpretation has posed many problem for the student of the Bible. While recognizing the historical situation (Roman persecution) that elicited this writing, many interpreters look upon it as a prophecy depicting events that were to take place at the end of the age. The ultimate victory of Christ is the dominant theme of this book.

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The Summer wind grinds my face
As I saunter among flat markers of death
I study, read, ancient, neglected stones,
Made to celebrate, used to separate, dead heroes.

Winter shadows of dry mesquite trees shade me
As I cut through rows of mossy granite,
Rose murdering weeds obscure abandon pillars of existence
Made to celebrate, used to separate, dead heroes.

I am temporarily entranced by tilted monuments
As they cast permanent silhouettes on decaying mounds
Rusted metal surrounds me and these protruding headrests
Made to celebrate, used to separate, dead heroes.

by Todd L. Turner


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Poem – Tolerance

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Races and Species
Unity with multi-formity
The bird need not develop fins
The fish need not develop wings

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