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Isla Mujeres 2016 vs 1994

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Well, it took 22 years, but I made it back to my favorite island… Isla Mujeres. Located north of Cancun Mexico. About 60 miles south of Cuba.

My bedroom was till there. The building was a house with rooms to rent in 1994, but now it is an upscale hotel (Villa Kin). Surprisingly, the floor tiles and the posts where the exact same. The roof was thatched… each night iguanas would walk along them and we hoped they never fell on our beds. Two decades later there is still no AC.


The property was and is located RIGHT on the beach across from MIA Hotel. We would walk out each day with fins and snorkel in hand and swim the bay.


This time, I was able to travel with my wife. It was SUCH a great blessing to spend the time with Mandy and share memories and make new one.



We chose to stay at a marina in the bay… El Milagro. It was a great decision. We believe we have found home base for future trips.



South End of the island

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